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How to set up dental practice patient financing

How to set up dental practice patient financing.  Instructions:

  1. Set up the account.  Add the dental practice patient financing software to your own practice’s software.
  2. Verify the account.   Determine who will be administrators and who will have access to the system.
  3. Save changes.   Save all changes and updates after they are made.
  4. Enter customers.   Enter customer information taken off of their application.

Your practice should experience a significant increase in sales and revenue. All of this while your patients are happier because they can now get financing they could not get before.    Patients can get financing for up to 12 months.   The practice will receive approximately 90% of the cost of the service.  The cost of financing is between 10% to 12%.   Patients make a monthly payment for 12 months.     The payment is designed to be a monthly payment they can afford.    The benefits are many for learning how to set up dental practice patient financing.

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Offer dental practice patient financing to your patients.  Many dental patients are afraid to ask for services because they know they cannot afford them.  When your patients know they can afford dental services, they will ask for more of them and your practice should experience a significant increase in sales and revenue.

How to set up dental practice patient financing
Dental Practice Patient Financing

Features and benefits:

Credit is rarely a reason for decline. This is different than care credit. In care credit, the patient’s credit score typically needs to be around 660 or higher.  With these patient financing programs, credit scores can be much lower. The credit score can be in the 500’s and still be approved.

Patients with damaged credit can now get service.   Get your practice started on this program today. Both your patients and your practice will benefit. Many practices have a 25% to 50% bump up in revenues within the first year.

Your office staff can give financing information to patients when they come in for their appointment. The front desk greets patients and tells them about the financing.  Patients can also immediately be given information or an application to complete.